Sustainability & Certifications

Sustainability & Certifications


Our company, with 15 years of dedicated experience in sustainable product design, stands at the forefront of environmentally responsible manufacturing in the fashion industry. We are committed to innovation in sustainability, exemplified by our participation in sustainability initiatives such as the Closed Circle Recycling program, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed environmental standards.


We’ve embraced a revolutionary approach to sustainability with our Closed Circle Recycling initiative. This program ensures that all our products are designed with the end of their life in mind. By utilizing materials that can be fully recycled, we not only reduce waste but also promote a regenerative cycle within the fashion industry. This initiative aligns with our commitment to minimizing environmental impact and supports our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals by providing them with products that come from and can return to the earth.


We pride ourselves on our adherence to rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility, holding multiple certifications that highlight our commitment. Our facilities are SEDEX certified, ensuring ethical practices in all aspects of our operations. Additionally, we are GRS certified, which recognizes our success in achieving goals related to recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. Moreover, our commitment to responsible forestry is affirmed by our FSC certification, ensuring that our products using wood and paper elements support sustainable forest management. Our materials also meet Oekotex standards, which test for harmful substances, and we comply with RSL (Restricted Substance List) guidelines, further ensuring that our products are safe and environmentally friendly. Through these certifications and practices, we not only support sustainability but also deliver on our promise of high-quality, eco-conscious products for the fashion industry.